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Report: Smart Meter RF Emissions in Toronto
Posted On: 9/18/2012 3:46:03 PM

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Safe Living Technologies was invited by Toronto Hydro to accompany a third party organization to measure and document the Radio Frequency “RF” / Microwave Radiation output of a typical Smart Meter. The measurements were to be conducted at two locations in the city of Toronto, Canada. The Smart Meters of interest are typical single, residential units installed on detached homes.

This report includes graphical illustrations of transmission patterns, power density output values and Safety Code 6 calculations of the Smart Meter RF emissions. The purpose of this assessment is to help understand the properties of Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation, learn how smart meters operate, observe signal emission patterns and learn the methods of measurement.

In the past two years, dozens of Toronto and surrounding area residents have contacted Safe Living Technologies regarding adverse health effects immediately after the installation of a Smart Meter at their residence. Hence the reason for our interest in the RF / Microwave Radiation output of Smart Meters and our willingness to assist Toronto Hydro in this endeavour.

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