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 Body Voltage Test Kit Video
Body Voltage Test Kit Video
Bed Canopy Floor Sheet - Daylite (New Daylite)
Product #: SLT-1086

Canopy Floor Sheet - Swiss Shield Daylite Fabric - Radio Frequency Protection for below your bed canopy - Also known as Swiss Shield New Daylite
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Swiss Shield Fabrics and Bed Canopies

Radio Frequency Protection for below your canopy

We recommend shielding sleeping areas from below if it is not directly on the ground / earth or a concrete slab. This can be done with the use of this shielding floor sheet made from our Swiss Shield Daylite fabric. This fabric is also known as Swiss Shield New Daylite. The sheet is to be laid under the bed or carpet and is finished with a hem on all sides. To achieve optimal results, it is important to install this item as well as the canopy in a low AC electric field environment. We recommend the use of a body voltage kit, an AC Electric Field meter and or the assistance of an EMF measuring technician to ensure the sleeping area has low AC Electric Field exposure. The installation of a remote cut off switch can aid in reducing AC electric fields in sleeping areas.


Single: 1.5m x 2.5m  (59 inches x 98 inches)

Double and Queen: 2m x 2.5m (79 inches x 98 inches)

King: 2.5m x 2.5m (98 inches x 98 inches)

Supplied with:
Floor Sheet: Qty=1

Technical Data


Width / Length:

Single: 1.5m x 2.5m (59 inches x 98 inches)

Double and Queen: 2m x 2.5m (79 inches x 98 inches)

King: 2.5m x 2.5m (98 inches x 98 inches)


Sheer Netting, White


Washable, colourfast, antistatic


Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry

Raw Materials:

96% PES, 4% copper/silver


MIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6, Öko-Tex Standard 100+1000

Shielding Characteristics:

99.6% or 24 dB @ 1 GHz




  • All Swiss Shield fabrics reflect high frequency electromagnetic waves and are not externally conductive, therefore no need for grounding
  • All Swiss Shield fabrics are made with an insulated metallic thread which allows the fabric to be washed without loss of shielding
  • A non-conductive fabric ensures there is no exposed metal which can rub off or become airborne and cause irritation or health effects
  • It is always recommended to measure RF exposure before and after an installation, if unsure, consult a qualified EMR technician or acquire the proper measuring equipment
  • Reduce Low frequency AC electric fields (ELF) in area of installation

Care Instructions for Swiss Shield Fabrics
OEKO-TEX Human Ecological Safety Certificate
Shielding results for Swiss Shield Daylite at various frequencies
Swiss Shield Daylite RF Shielding Performance