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Dr. Barrie Trower - Microwave Radiation Expert Shares His Knowledge
Dr. Barrie Trower - Microwave Radiation Expert Shares His Knowledge
MK15 Electrosmog Test Kit
Product #: SLT-1436

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ME3030B and ME3830B EMF Meter Video

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MK15 Electrosmog Test Kit
The MK15 Electrosmog Test Kit contains the Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B EMF Analyzer (Analyser) and our Safe and Sound Pro RF Analyzer (Analyser) and is considered our intermediate EMF test kit. This EMF test kit is a compareble to the MK20 in terms of accuracy and sensitivity. The ME3830B expands the low frequency measurements range up to 100 KHz and offers greater sensitivity measuring RF signals with the Safe and Sound Pro. The Safe and Sound Pro and all of our more advanced RF meters offer an audio signal identification feature which allows for RF source identification. Get a better understanding of your EMF exposure and RF exposure levels with the MK15 Electrosmog detection kit.

For more information about the individual meters in this kit please explore the links below:

1] ME3830B - EMF Meter

2] Safe and Sound II Pro - RF Meter


Supplied with:

  • ME3830B EMF Meter
  • Users' Guide
  • 2 Year Warranty Certificate
  • Grounding Cable – 17 foot - for AC electric field measurements
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Safe and Sound Pro RF Meter: Qty=1
  • User's Guide
  • 2 - AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
Safe and Sound Pro II Frequency Response Curve - 2020
Manual for ME3030B, ME3830B, and ME3840B
Manual for Safe and Sound Pro RF Meter