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A Wellness Guide for the Digital Age (2014)
Author: Kerry Crofton, PhD.
Description: Offers steps for safeguarding your family form Electromagnetic Radiation
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A Subtle Addiction – Attacking the Y Generation (2012)
Author: Peter and Lynn McIntosh
Description: Discusses Cell Phone Radiation - are Parents Nuking their Kids this Christmas?
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An Electronic Silent Spring: Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits
Author: Katie Singer
Description: Over millions of years, living creatures have evolved in relation to the Earth's electromagnetic energy. Now, we're surrounded by human-made frequencies that challenge our health and survival. An Electric Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
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Author: B. Blake Levitt
Description: A frank, balanced, informative book explaining where electromagnetic fields are in nature, what illnesses may have a connection to EMFs, why doctors' knowledge may be limited, how the safety of homes and offices can be determined, and what action citizens and communities can take toward protection.

Global Wireless Spiderweb
Author: Vikas Nehru
Description: We are increasingly exposed to an invisible web of radiation all around us through the wireless devices we love so much. With the advent of cloud computing and the Internet of Things set to launch more than a trillion smart devices, the radiation is only going to get worse.

Author: Jim Waugh
Description: If you're looking for the truth about electromagnetic radiation (EMR), this is the book for you. It cuts through the rhetoric and the controversy to give you the facts about EMR. But it doesn't stop there. The book also gives you simple, doable steps for testing your environment and protecting yourself from the dangers of EMR.

Author: Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA
Description: For people concerned about exposure to toxins found in conventional building materials and practices, and for the millions of people who are chronically ill from chemical exposures (an estimated 15% of the population), Prescriptions for A Healthy House offers real hope and practical help in building homes in which humans can live without getting sick.

Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution (2009)
Author: Magda Havas, PhD., Camilla Rees, MBA.
Description: Answers 110 EMR related questions posed to scientists at the Commonwealth Club of California. It is an invaluable educational resource for patients, parents, schools, businesses, health care providers, journalists and local governments.

Author:  Ed Leeper
Description: Ed Leeper (who worked with Wirtheimer in the 1970's on the ground breaking study linking EMFs with childhood cancer) has finally published his considerable thoughts and experience dealing with electromagnetic fields. He covers in depth the concepts of net current, fields from water lines, improper electrical wiring practices and how to correct them. Then he goes on to selecting an EMF meter, principles of practical magnetic shielding, considerations for fluorescent lighting, small appliances, radiant heating etc., etc. Written in a candid language with ample illustrations. Clear enough for the patient layperson, and specific enough for the electrician, engineer or physicist. This is the PRACTICAL solutions book we have all been looking for.

Author: Karl Riley
Description: A practical guide for reducing AC magnetic fields produced by building wiring and improper grounding practices.

Wireless Wise Kids (2012)
Author: Lyn Mclean
Description: Safer Ways to use Mobile and Wireless Technology What do the techno-savvy youngsters of today’s wireless generation need most of all? To know how to use wireless devices more safely. Today’s kids love their wireless technology. It’s not unusual for them to spend hours each day on their mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless laptops and tablets. Until now there’s been no easy-to-understand information about how they can use these devices more safely.